How You Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

By on 9-16-2017 in Vehicle Accidents

Owning and maintaining a motorcycle can be an incredibly rewarding and money saving experience. Spending less money upfront and less money on gas over the life of your vehicle combined with the freeing feeling of the open road can make a motorcycle a more attractive option than a traditional car. However, the biggest trade-off is that motorcycles do not come with nearly the number of safety features. As motorcycle accidents can be some of the most life-threatening, it is important to take a look at why more and more are happening each year.

According to this article from Ottawa Citizen in August 2014, motorcycle accidents were on the rise and were projected to hit a 7-year high in Ontario alone. This article aims to dispel some common myths about motorcycle accidents that are still relevant today in 2017. Out of 175 fatal accidents that occurred over a 7 year period prior to 2014, drivers other than the bikers were partly responsible in over half of them, and in 50 of them, the bikers were driving perfectly properly at the time of their accident. In addition, most believe that motorcycle accidents happen because drivers are young and inexperienced, but it turns out that only 16 deaths out of the 175 were bikers under the age of 25, and more than half were bikers over the age of 45. Out of these 175 deaths, road conditions were barely a factor at all, with 158 fatalities occurring on dry roads. According to the charts given in the article, the vast majority of the fatalities were male bikers, but in general, there is a higher proportion of male drivers. Because these statistics show that the biker is not to blame for many of these accidents, police officers in Ontario are urging bikers to wear more noticeable clothing and are hoping to work with the public to ensure cyclists are kept safe, since they recognize motorcyclists in general as a safe group of drivers who understand the risks.

This article is important because it dispels many myths about motorcycle accidents. Many people believe that riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous and that bikers drive recklessly, but with proper training and safety gear, the chance of causing an accident is almost comparable to that of a regular car. Bikers are small, fast, and difficult to spot, so other drivers need to make sure they are completely free of distractions and that they are looking out for them. Thankfully, firms like Mazin & Associates PC, motorcycle accident lawyers in Toronto, exist to protect bikers when they are in an accident that is caused by another driver, as is the case more often than one might think. 

There will always be those who get behind the wheel of a car or the handlebars of a bike and make reckless decisions, but many accidents that happen are just that: accidents. Learning to be more aware of your surroundings when driving will help protect the most vulnerable group of drivers and help the biker community continue doing what they love.