How Can I Recover from Construction Site Accidents?

By on 2-11-2016 in Construction Accidents

Construction sites are near synonymous with busy metropolitan areas. New buildings are getting built and old ones are getting renovated all the time.  Not only that but there are also new overpasses and roads and streets that are being constantly restructured, usually as a preventative measure in order to restore safety precautions. However, as good as the intentions are of most of these construction sites, the odd accident does happen every so often—and you don’t have to work at one in order to be injured by one. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the four most deadly injuries are falls, electrocutions, being struck by an object, and being trapped/caught in between two objects.

In the website of the lawyers with Hach Rose, there are numerous construction site accidents that happen every year and a significant number of them happen to passersby who are unsuspecting civilians. Falling debris, for instance, is not an altogether rare occurrence for civilians.

Injuries suffered by people who work at construction sites can fare far worse for they are in closer proximity to the more dangerous tools used for construction and they are also the ones whose incomes are dependent on them being able to do their jobs. If a construction worker had their, say, limb amputated then they would no longer be able to do their job with the same level of proficiency that is necessary for them to retain their position. Or, at the very least, they wouldn’t be able to go back to work immediately, which would mean a significant loss of wages.

Situations like these are difficult and complicated for they deal with both medical expenses – for physical injuries and the repercussions that come with the trauma that comes afterwards – as well as the other expenses that are warranted compensation. If the injured party, for example, was the main earner of a family then several people are affected by the accident.

Construction site accidents that are a result of negligence – for there need to be precautionary measures in place in order to prevent any and all accidents that are a result of human error – warrant for the victim to receive recompense after experiencing such trauma and that is why situations like this can usually warrant a case of personal injury.